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Scientific and Professional Writing Skills Workshop for Junior Faculty in Minority Aging Research
Thursday, November 16 - Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas, TX
GSA 59th Annual Scientific Meeting - Pre-conference Workshop

The RCMAR programs have recognized that one of the keys to successful junior faculty development is to focus on writing skill development and provide internal mentoring, workshops and review processes to strengthen writing skills. This workshop is organized into four sections. The first section will highlight several model writing-improvement programs that have been incorporated into RCMAR programs, including a writing retreat model and a guest editor review program. Sections two and three will involve small groups (five to seven participants) working together with senior faculty facilitators in intensive round table sessions: section two will explore writing issues and challenges, such as journal selection, and organizing to write; section three will provide expert guidance, critique and problem solving of participant?s writing samples. Each round table session will be organized to offer guidance for different types of writing: qualitative research, programs/practice descriptions, intervention research, epidemiology/population-based research, clinical medicine and methodology articles. The closing session will be a discussion of cross-cutting writing challenges from among the different writing group round tables, problem-solving and lessons learned that will be applied to future writing projects.

Advance request: Workshop participants are strongly urged to provide a writing sample that includes an abstract and the first three paragraphs of the discussion section of an in-process or completed paper to Ms. Pamela Jackson-McCall at by November 6, 2006. The advance receipt provides time for workshop faculty to review papers and for staff to organize the number and type of roundtable sessions required to meet the needs of workshop participants.

Click here for examples of structured abstracts.

Workshop Location and Schedule
Location: Adams Mark Hotel, Lone Star Ballroom C4
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Contact The Gerontologicay Society of America for registration information at: Meeting Pre-Registration Form
Funding available:
Contact information:

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Added: 2006-10-03

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