National Coordinating Center (UCLA)

RCMAR Coordinating Center
at the University of California, Los Angeles

The RCMAR Coordinating (CC) supports coordination, communication and collaboration across RCMAR Centers.

The CC team meets weekly and also staffs the monthly RCMAR Cores and Workgroup meetings, manages the website, the reporting system, organizes and implements the Annual Investigators Meetings, R13-sponsored minority aging research trainings, and other workshops. The RCMAR CC reporting system is a web-based data management platform that provides the framework for Center reporting of uniform data and RCMAR Scholar productivity and achievements. It is central to documenting the accomplishments of the RCMAR Centers. The RCMAR CC is guided by a national advisory board .

Annual meetings and workshops

A major CC annual activity is the organization and implementation of the RCMAR Annual Investigators Meetings and Workshops. Each year, members from all RCMARs convene for an annual meeting. Host sites rotate among the funded RCMAR Centers. These meetings bring together RCMAR leadership and RCMAR Scholars from each site, include program representatives from the National Institute of Aging, and often feature special guest speakers. Typically, each site has one Scholar give a podium presentation, and several Scholars present work-in-progress at a refereed poster session. The meetings serve as a professional development experience for the Scholars and help foster collaborative ties among faculty and Scholars across the sites. Several times, pre-conference skill-building workshops have been organized for additional Scholar training.

Special projects

The CC has also organized special projects, such as the Press and Media Training Program for print and electronic media reporters, two cross-site RCMAR Scholar pilot projects, NIMHD conference presentations and other professional and public dissemination activities. In addition, it conducts careful evaluations for each training program and annual meeting. CC leadership has assisted in several RCMAR-derived publications, including those generated from the R13 conferences (See here for links) . Most recently, Dr. Harawa has spearheaded a cross-site manuscript to describe the RCMAR Centers approach to mentorship of junior faculty and document its productivity to date. The CC also responds to many NIA and NIH special requests and has supported external evaluation efforts of the RCMAR Initiative.

For the first time, the American Public Health Association’s 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting hosted a symposium featuring Scholars from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR). The NIA Office of Special Populations provided support for the Scholars and that was organized by the UCLA National RCMAR Coordinating Center. Five Scholars, representing RCMARs from around the nation, joined Carl V. Hill, Ph.D., M.P.H., Director, Office of Special Populations, National Institute on Aging and National Institutes of Health (NIH) (session moderator) to present cutting-edge research projects that address health disparities of underserved racial and ethnic older populations. The session was so well received, Dr. Hill hopes to make it an annual event. “It is critically important that RCMAR-sponsored research reaches this public health audience. Health disparities are a major public health challenge, and the RCMARs are a preeminent national network addressing this challenge,” shared Steven P. Wallace, Director of the UCLA National RCMAR Coordinating Center.

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The CC is led by RCMAR CC Director, Steven P. Wallace, PhD; Co-Director, Nina Harawa, PhD; and Director Emeritas, Janet C. Frank, DrPH. The CC Administrator is Porsche McGinnis; Website Manager is Bruce Han; and Communications Manager is Gwen Driscoll .