Latino Aging Research Resource Center (LARRC)

The Latino Aging Research Resource Center mentors, supports, and trains Latino and other investigators conducting interdisciplinary research to reduce disparities related to cognitive health and healthcare in aging Latinos.

 Mission & Aims

The mission of the UC Davis RCMAR is to strengthen and diversify the research workforce in relation to the theme of reducing disparities in cognitive health and healthcare in older Latinos. The UC Davis RCMAR has assembled an interdisciplinary team of Core leaders and investigators who collectively have expertise in essential areas necessary to carry out this mission, including nationally recognized leadership in brain health and Alzheimer’s disease, an excellent track record of mentoring and training of diverse investigators, and extensive experience in research with aging minority populations. UC Davis has other resources that are critical to its mission, including a regional network of institutions in the central valley to augment recruitment of diverse scholars, a broader interdisciplinary network of scholars at UC Davis with expertise in Latino health, and access to populations and databases that can be used by scholars in conducting their pilot projects. In addition, the UC Davis RCMAR is located in an institutional environment that is highly conducive to its growth and development and to the overall mission of diversifying the research workforce.

LARRC will accomplish its mission by:

  • Enhancing the capacity, size, and diversity of the research workforce and promoting careers in minority aging research by strategic outreach, sustained mentoring, and pilot grants to LARRC Scholars.
  • Increasing knowledge in cognitive health and impairment for older Latinos through interdisciplinary research and training in measurement, mechanisms, and interventions.
  • Advancing the science of recruitment and retention of older Latinos related to cognitive health and related healthcare services.
  • Conducting community engagement, community-engaged research, and dissemination to older Latinos and their care providers.


LARRC Key Personnel:

Administrative Core: Ladson Hinton, LARRC Director & Core Leader; Heather Young, LARRC Co-Director; Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, LARRC Co-Director

Investigator Development Core: Charles DeCarli, Core Leader

Community Liaison Core: Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Core Leader & Linda Ziegahn, Core Co-Leader

Measurement & Analysis Core: Laurel Beckett, Core Leader & Dan Mungas, Core Leader



RCMAR Scholar
Laura Castro-Schilo received her doctoral training in quantitative psychology at the University of California, Davis under the mentoring of Dr. Keith Widaman and Dr. Kevin Grimm.
Career Advancement

Two of LARRC RCMAR scholars who received K awards recently advanced to independent research careers at UC Davis and within RCMAR.


Dr. Mungus mentored seven individuals who have advanced to faculty positions and independent research careers.

Investigator Development

More than 20 trainees of Dr. Laurel Beckett have advanced to independent research careers

RCMAR Scholar in the News

Dr. Dan Mungas of LARRC leads the Advanced Psychometric Methods for Cognitive Aging Research conference where attendees are selected to have varying levels of expertise with analytic methods and substantive research on cognitive aging.